Saturday, July 09, 2005

TAKERS - sci/fi/action - 108 pages: It's one man against an invading alien force that threatens to take over the planet.
THE WELLSVILLE HORROR - horror - 96 pages: Three college kids in the south murder a rebel troublemaker and a cheating girlfriend in 1963. Thirty years later, the rebel's spirit haunts the lives of these three murderers in the small town of Wellsville.
SERIAL - horror/slasher - 96 pages: The seemingly normal life of a serial killer who videotapes his victims as he tortures them. Written in collaboration with Shawn Rogers.
THE LIBRARY - Horror/slasher - 90 pages: Six college kids find themselves locked in a library stalked by a killer with a hog mask. Written in collaboration with Shawn Rogers.
MEGAN'S ANGELS - supernatural/horror - 91 pages - A demon worhsipper has promised her unborn daughter's soul to a demon for eternal life. When the demon shows up to claim what's his, the mother, who no longer worships the devil, decides she doesn't want to give up her child. The demon makes her life a living hell to get her to give the child up.
THE SEVENTH SON - 120 pages: Biographical/War Drama about the true life of Lt. Col. Rufus Winfield Johnson. Former butler/lifeguard to FDR when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, this amazing man was called to serve his country in Italy where he became a inspiration to those around him. (unavailable - being considered by production company)
ASHES ON THE ROMAN LINE - 110 pages: Biographical/Drama about the real life events of Feb. 4th, 1880 when a family is nearly wiped out by a mob of drunken men bent on eliminating them from their town in Canada. Despite there being a witness, no one served any jail time. (InTheDarkFilms (renegadevideoproducers) of Canada to produce the film with funding from "In The Park After Dark".
AFTER TONIGHT - 118 pages: Dark Comedy. A man falls for a beautiful woman only to discover she's after more than just his heart. (JellyBeanPictures to produce end of 2008)
G-VEGAS - 120 pages: Crime/Thriller. When Franklin Hemlock uncovers a corrupt ring of politicians and powerful businessmen, people he loves begin to die.
KAMIKAZE - Written for Urban Ninja Xin Sarith Wuku based on request from his manager David Krapes.
SEARCH FOR THE DRAGON KING - Written for Urban Ninja Xin Sarith Wuku based on request from his manager David Krapes.
The Azuma Project - Written for Urband Ninja Xin Sarith Wuku - collaboration with David Krapes.
 The Secret Agent -- 110 pages: Psychological/Drama. Secret Service Agent Mealea Kim must stop a killer from assassinating the president.